Chino, CA Homeowners: Why is it Difficult to Open and Close Your Windows?

New windows are easy to manage because the materials are working with optimal performance. If you want to open the window, then you will find that the frames glide with minimal effort. It is simple to bring in a comfortable breeze when you want to enjoy the beautiful weather in Chino, CA.

But, it is common for the windows to become more difficult to open over time. Do you try to open the window, then give up because it is too frustrating to get the window pane to budge? This problem is most common if the windows haven’t received the proper maintenance and upkeep.

Why Stuck Windows Need to be Replaced

Why does it matter if you can open and close the windows? This feature might seem optional if you don’t open the windows often. But, even if you don’t like having the windows open, you still need to make sure that they are easy to open in case of an emergency.

You never know when something is going to happen in your home that requires a quick escape. If you are trapped because of a fire or disaster, then it might be necessary to open the window so that you can get out of the room. It can be a dangerous situation if you are trapped inside without a way to escape through the window.

Friction When Opening the Windows

The most common reason why windows are difficult to open is that of the grime that builds up over time. Debris, dust, and dirt start to collect in the window frames. Then, the friction increases every time you try to move the windows.

In some situations, you might be able to clean and lubricate the window tracks to resolve this problem. After the window is cleaned, apply the lubricant. Then open and close the window several times to work the lubricant into the track. This method can be used for single or double hung windows.

If this repair doesn’t work to improve the function of the windows, then it might be a sign that the frames are warped. Over time, the changing temperatures outside can cause the frames to start to warp. The only way to repair this problem is to replace the windows.

You Will Love Replacement Windows

It is amazing to see the difference it can make to replace the windows in your home! We will complete the installation, leaving your home with beautiful, functional replacement materials. These windows are easy to open and close, giving you the flexibility to bring in the fresh air whenever you desire.

Are you looking for options to upgrade your home? Then you need to schedule a consultation to learn more about replacement windows. Not only will these products improve the function of your home, but they are also beneficial to upgrade the style of your property as well.

Our team at Ameristar Windows is here to help with window installation Chino and the surrounding areas. Visit our office: 3453 Chicago Ave, Riverside, CA 92507. Or, call to set a time for a consultation in your home: (888) 698-4143

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