Window & Patio Door Replacements Made in Riverside CA

In an effort to satisfy our customers and keep our company and community growing, we will meet or beat any legitimate competitor’s price for Vinyl Windows and Doors. We take great pride in our Vinyl Windows Replacement and the fact that 100% of our Windows and Patio Doors are manufactured in Riverside, CA (Inland Empire). That means the money you spent on replacement windows and patio doors stays here in our community, and ultimately keeps our local community active and growing.

Why Ameristar Windows?

  • Affordable
  • Built to last
  • Warranted for life
  • One Call Warranty (we made them, we install them, we stand behind)
  • Custom made to fit perfectly in your home
  • Professional Installation by Ameristar Windows Installers – No subcontractors in your home
  • Vinyl windows are virtually maintenance free and never needs painting
  • Cannot rust, rot, flake, peel or corrode
  • Impervious to termites and other wood eating insects
  • Dramatically reduces outside noise
  • Glass-standard is 33% thicker than normal single strength glass
  • Aluminum reinforcements provide added strength and durability
  • Self-locks that automatically close with an easy single motion
  • Enhances the indoor comfort of your home
  • Energy Efficient Windows = efficiency and savings

Why Energy Efficient Windows?

Green Windows Facts:

Your new Energy Efficient Windows will have an impact far beyond the rooms where they are installed. Energy Efficient Windows guarantee lower energy bills, a lower environmental impact and, most importantly, a greener future.

Homeowners lose a good part of their heating and cooling dollars due to windows inefficiencies. Energy efficient Windows with Dura Platform spacers and Argon filled Integrated Glass Units efficiently insulate your home.

And, as important as saving money is, more efficient windows also allow you to produce less harmful gases such as Co2. This means your savings will be seen beyond your energy cost. Energy Efficient Windows create a more comfortable environment inside your home and out.

Did You Know?
  • Buildings account for 40% of energy consumption and Greenhouse gas emissions in the US
  • Homes are the single largest users of electricity-more than commercial buildings or industrial processes
  • Over the next 20 years, it is projected that more than 1,500 power plants will be needed
  • One home consumes energy and emits greenhouse gases equivalent to that of two full size SUV’s
  • If every home has the most efficient warm edge spacers the release of CO2 could be reduced by 56 million tons
  • It would take 9 million trees to absorb the CO2 produced in one year by insufficient windows
  • The average home with energy efficient windows can reduced CO2 output by up to 16 tons over 20 years
  • Energy efficient windows can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 1600 pounds per home per year
  • If every new window install was energy efficient the environment will be spare 3 million tons of Co2 each year
The Impact Of LoE 366 Glass

When added together, the energy savings from every home with LoĒ³-366 will have a significant effect on greenhouse gas emissions. If Every new house used LoĒ³-366 instead of clear glass, national CO2 emissions would be reduced by 2,000,000 tons per year. That´s the equivalent of:

  • 400,000 passenger’s cars not driven for one year
  • 45 million tree seedlings growing for 10 years
  • 15,000 acres of forest preserve from deforestation
  • 9,000 rail cars of coal burned
  • 600,000 tons of waste recycle instead of land field


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