Don’t Make These Window Buying Mistakes

Getting replacement windows in Moreno Valley, CA is a big investment. And if you end up getting new windows that you don’t actually love, you can’t just return them. It takes a lot of thought and consideration if you hope to get the job done right. We don’t ever want any of our customers to regret their purchase. So here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid when looking at new windows.

1. Choosing the Wrong Window Material

Window frame materials come in a variety of options. The four most common include vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, and wood. Each of these window materials comes with a list of pros and cons to consider before making a final decision. For example, vinyl windows are more affordable. But do not have the longevity of other window materials. Fiberglass windows have a higher price tag, but these windows often offer the best insulation and last the longest. All important features to think about when shopping for new windows.

2. Not Understanding Different Window Styles

The window style has more to do with functionality than simple aesthetics. The window style involves the size and shape, as well as the basic window operation. Are you looking for more natural light? Then you might want larger installations like picture windows or bay and bow windows. Do you want your windows to open and close for more ventilation? Then you will want an operable window style like a sliding window or a double-hung window.

3. Deciding Based Exclusively on Price

So many customers are looking for the best deal when they should be concerned about finding the best value. Cheap windows are often just that. And when making this kind of investment, you want to make sure you find quality materials and products that will last more than just five years. That means you will pay a little more upfront. But they will be well worth the cost when it comes to insulation and longevity.

4. Ignoring Maintenance Requirements

Maintenance will be something you pay for the entire lifespan of the windows. Fortunately, most modern materials are weather, rust, and corrosion resistant. These windows have been built to last and require very little in the way of upkeep and maintenance. To keep them looking new, all you need is some water and mild detergent. You will also want to clean and lubricate the tracks or hinges at least once a month to keep them at peak performance.


5. DIY Window Installation

Even the best windows will eventually fail if installed improperly. Many homeowners see DIY installation as a good way to save money on new windows. What they don’t realize is the cost of all the details, tools, and time required to get the job done right. Better to pay the professionals on this one, to guarantee performance and keep the warranty intact.

Are you prepared for replacement windows in Moreno Valley, CA? These are just a few of the mistakes to avoid if you hope to get the job done right. It is best to start with professional help from the beginning. Contact us today for a window consultation.

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