Window Safety Tips to Keep Children Safe

If you’re the parent of a youngster, you’ll naturally want to ensure that your home is child-friendly. When it comes to windows, there are lots of things you can do to make home sweet home safer for your child. If you need Riverside, CA replacement windows as part of your safety strategy, it’s best to avoid procrastinating since so much is at stake. But whether you need new windows or you can stick with the ones you already have in place, it pays to have a window safety plan to keep your child safe. Here are some tips to help you with your task.

Make Sure Windows are Up to Snuff

What state are your windows in? If they’re difficult to operate or are worn and torn, you may want to replace them. Window safety involves, among other things, closing and locking the windows when no responsible adult is in the room or when no one is at home. But if the windows are difficult to operate, they’ll be a weak link in your window safety plan. You may simply want to upgrade at least some of your windows so that they don’t pose a safety risk to anyone in your family. A replacement window retailer will help you get the right windows. Ask them for windows that open near the top rather than near the bottom. This will make it less likely that little hands will be able to meddle with the crank or lock mechanisms.

Teach Them to Be Careful Around Windows

You also want to ensure that your little ones know how to behave around windows. They shouldn’t, for instance, play in close proximity to them. This should be the case whether the windows are opened or closed. The idea is that they need to know that it’s unsafe to play anywhere near the windows.

Watch Your Window Coverings

Windows coverings can look great, but they can also be dangerous. So if your window blinds have cords or pull strings, you’ll want to ensure that they are not easily accessible to children. These window blinds mechanisms can present a great safety hazard for little ones. For the sake of home safety, you may want to change your window coverings altogether.

Consider Installing Window Guards

You might want to consider getting window guards. They are metallic devices that can be installed over the opening portions of windows. While they will be near impossible for children to remove, they will be easily removable by adults if they need to do so.

Implementing a window safety plan to protect your kids starts with ensuring that you have the right windows. Whether you know you need new windows or you’re not sure, you can contact us at Ameristar Windows for the help you need. We specialize in providing homeowners in Riverside, CA with replacement windows. For the help you need, contact us at (951) 354-2711. One of our customer care representatives will be pleased to help you. You can also stop by our showroom at 3453 Chicago Ave Riverside, CA 92507 to see our inventory for yourself. We manufacture, install, and stand behind our products. We’ll also beat the prices of any legitimate competitors. We look forward to serving you.

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