Why is Condensation on My Window?

Have issues with condensation on the windows in your home? This natural phenomenon occurs when conditions humidity and temperature are just right. And, for the most part, condensation on the windows isn’t normally something to worry about. But too much condensation in a closed environment is a problem, and windows are one of the most common places for condensation to appear as soon as the temperatures drop. It is easy to jump to conclusions about the quality and effectiveness of your windows. Here is how you can figure out if you need replacement windows in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

What Causes Condensation on the Windows?

The truth might come as a surprise. But condensation on the windows usually means they are doing their job. High-performance windows should hold heat inside and maintain a remarkable temperature difference between outdoor and indoor panes of glass. When this differential occurs along with humidity in the home, condensation tends to gather on the cooler surfaces. These are just like drops of water on a cold glass of lemonade. It doesn’t indicate a leak. It simply means the glass is cooler than the humid air surrounding it.

How to Reduce Window Condensation

Condensation occurs with temperature and humidity. So the best way to get rid of condensation is by adjusting these settings in your home.


Start with the simplest solution, ventilation. Opening the windows can help regulate humidity and temperatures to reduce condensation on your windows. As long as it isn’t too cold outside, this will release the warm, damp air that gets trapped inside.


Circulating the air with ceiling fans is another good way to reduce condensation. Air circulation with fans moving in a clockwise direction will help push warm air off the ceiling and move it back down.

Exhaust Fans

The kitchen and the bathroom are most likely to develop condensation. So when cooking or showering, you should run the exhaust fans. This will help draw the warm, damp air outside so it doesn’t get a chance to fog up the windows.

Leave Interior Doors Open

Leaving interior doors open is another way to help circulate the air and reduce window condensation. Closed windows will allow excess humidity to build up in a particular space. Opening the doors will circulate the air and cause comes of the moisture to dissipate.


You can use a portable or whole-home dehumidifier to help remove some of the excess moisture in the air. These electrical device will extract water, eliminate musty odors, and help prevent mildew.


Increase Temperature

Because condensation occurs when warm air hits a cold surface. So one way to eliminate condensation is by increasing the temperature of the windows. You can do this by increasing the temperature in the home, or by insulating the windows with blinds, drapes, or curtains.

If you recently got replacement windows in Rancho Cucamonga, CA then condensation might be more prominent. This doesn’t mean your windows don’t work. It just means your windows are insulating better than ever and it might take a bit for the home to adjust.

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