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Replacement windows in Moreno Valley, CA, are just one option for updating your home and keeping its value high. Another consideration is installing a new sliding door because this can help directly reflect your style and at the same time increase many different features like safety or even privacy. Like anything else, the door will need its own set of maintenance to keep it in the best condition possible, so this article will highlight some tips you can follow to accomplish this.

Wood Material

Wood is often chosen due to its aesthetics. It offers a natural charm and beauty and comes in various options ranging from mahogany to oak or pine. It works well with almost any home style and can provide additional durability and security.

The basics maintenance of the wood should include:

  • Removing any debris with a dry rag or dust brush
  • If the door is stained, you may want to apply a wood Polish
  • Use glass cleaner but make sure you avoid getting the solution on the finish
  • Cleaning and upgrading any worn hardware with mild soap and warm water solution
  • Inspecting for any damages such as raised wood grains or discoloration


Fiberglass is another material that continues to gain popularity because it performs well in extreme temperatures. It’s durable and won’t break down the same way wood will. In addition, it also doesn’t rust, scratch, or corrode as metal doors can.

The primary way to keep the maintenance is by regular cleaning because this can help remove any erosion or potential problems with the finish. Using a mild soap with water is recommended, or you can check with the manufacturer’s warranty to see if there are any specific requirements. Keeping the hardware clean and replacing any worn-down items or weatherstripping is also advised.


Laminate is another material that offers high resistance to scratches, impact, and stains, and some materials like Formica are built to last. The material also does not promote bacterial growth, which means you will not need unique cleaning materials, and the basic maintenance can consist of a simple soap and water solution. In addition to this, as with other material types, you will want to pay extra care to the hardware to make sure it’s functioning properly and have a regular inspection as well as doing a scheduled cleaning.


Metal doors are popular because they offer high levels of security and durability, and they can be customized to fit the aesthetic and style of the property. Part of a regular care practice for them should include a weekly dusting routine. Dust can have water-soluble salts, which can lead to corrosion or rust in the middle. The doors should be cleaned with a nonabrasive soap once a week, and keep the hardware updated and oiled regularly.

Professional and Affordable Products

Choosing a new door or replacement windows in Moreno Valley, CA, can help increase the overall value of your property and create a look you love. If you are looking for professional installation, we are your locally owned company that provides exceptional customer service and products, so contact us today for an appointment.

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