Steps to Choosing the Right Sliding Door for Your Home

Homeownership comes with multiple responsibilities, including upgrading various areas of the home with  replacement windows in Moreno Valley, CA, or installing a new sliding door. There are numerous options on the market available for purchasing sliding doors, so we recommend gaining as much knowledge as possible. To help get you started, here are the most common types of sliding doors available on the market.

Types of Sliding Doors


The first option you can choose from is called a pocket door. These do not have any hinges and have a single panel that slides into a cavity in the wall. These are traditionally mounted on an overhead track that will glide on rollers when open or closed. This choice is ideal for smaller spaces because no doors swing out that can take up extra room. It’s important to understand that because a cavity needs to be placed inside the wall, you have a professional check the area before getting started.


this option is what you would generally find in a bedroom for the closet doors. This choice may have tracks under and above the door, and the door will only move in one direction. This door may separate a bedroom from a bathroom and is generally made of glass or wood in certain situations.


Patio doors are the traditional idea of what sliding doors look like aesthetically. They generally have two panels, with one staying in play and one sliding open.


This choice has become increasingly popular over the years due to its rustic charm. They add a unique and interesting aesthetic to almost any room, whether installed in an interior or exterior location.


This option may also be known as a panoramic door. They are installed in areas of the home that want to have a more open experience between indoor and outdoor spaces. They are generally full glass doors which gives them more of a window feel to create a view that is not obstructed.


These doors have a unique design and require very little room to operate. They work well in areas of the home such as closets or bathrooms where there is not as much space and are generally run on one track installed in the top portion of the door.

Choosing Quality that Lasts 

Taking the time to choose the right patio door for your home can make all the difference in the area’s overall style. By understanding what kind of functionality, you need while at the same time balancing that with aesthetics, you can find a product that can help increase your quality of life and your property value at the same time.

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