Sliding Doors are a Great Addition to a Home and Heres Why

Upgrades and changes are just a normal part of owning a home, so if you are looking for replacement windows in Moreno Valley, CA, or a new sliding door, you will need the proper knowledge. This article will highlight different facts about sliding doors to better understand how they can better suit your home and fit your current needs, so keep reading for more information.

How are they Beneficial?

Sliding doors make a great addition to your home, and just a few of the benefits that they offer are:


The locking mechanisms have improved over the years for sliding doors, but they also now can come with shatterproof glass.

More lighting

Another benefit to installing them in your home is that they have larger glass pieces; they can create better views of your landscaping and offer more airflow due to the larger opening.

Eco friendly

Some sliding glass doors are considered eco-friendly depending on the material you choose. Materials like wood or metal can be recycled and reused multiple times, contributing to a more sustainable choice.

Can they Be Customized?

Sliding glass doors are also customizable to meet your needs. They come in multiple colors and materials and have various hardware options to create a truly streamlined look.

What Materials do They Come In?


The most traditional option is wood, which is due to it being a great addition to almost any home. It can be more vulnerable to weather damage, but a stain or paint can help reduce the risk. You can get it in multiple colors, and it can be customized to match your home’s style.


this material is known for having a streamlined and modern look. The product is incredibly durable, and it will not be vulnerable to warping, peeling, or swelling in fluctuating weather temperatures. They are one of the more affordable options, are resistant to dents, and require very little regular maintenance.

Aluminum with Vinyl

This option will combine natural wood with aluminum or vinyl on the exterior. This option is low maintenance and has become increasingly popular due to its factory coding meaning minimal maintenance.



Steel is the last material choice in this list and will generally be coded with vinyl or polymer and can be made to look like wood. Steel offers durability and low maintenance, but it can be more prone to denting, rusting, and scratches if not regular maintenance.

Are they Energy-Efficient?

The last fact worth mentioning is that sliding doors are also energy efficient due to their insulation properties. Their design can help create a sound and weather barrier which keeps out drafts, rain, and dust from home.

Professional and Quality Installations

When choosing a sliding door or replacement windows in Moreno Valley, CA, it can be difficult to choose a product that is right for your home, so we are here to help. We are locally owned and work hard to offer the lowest prices around, so contact us today if you have any questions or need to schedule

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