How to Spot a Poor Replacement Window Installation

After you make a tangible investment to get replacement windows in Yucaipa, CA, the last thing you want is to see that the installation job was done improperly. You don’t need those sorts of headaches. That’s one of the reasons why it’s best to work with a reputable replacement window company that offers windows and installation. It’s also best to go with a company who has installers on their payroll rather than a company that hires third-party contractors. So that you get what you paid for without any of the stress that you didn’t pay for, here’s some information on how to spot a poor replacement window installation.  

Water Leakage or Drafts 

If your windows are put in properly, you will not have drafts, and you won’t experience water leakage. Drafts are usually a sign that the installers did not do enough on the insulation front. You won’t only feel the mistake every time you walk past the improperly installed window, you’ll also feel it in the pocketbook due to higher utility bills. As for water damage, you could eventually end up with mold or damaged paint. So either of these problems demands immediate attention on the part of the installer.  


If you see that there’s a space between the window frame and the window sill, you will know that there’s a problem. This problem will only occur if the person who measured the window did so improperly. You’ll want to follow up with the installer right away to have them fix the problem right away.  

Hard to Open or Shut 

If your windows are hard to open or shut, then there’s a problem with how the replacement window company measured the windows or how the installers installed the windows. This is not a problem you can ignore since this sort of issue will continue to get worse over time.  


If you see condensation or fog between the panes of glass, the problem is either improper installation or seal failure. When this happens right after windows are installed, you can be sure that improper installation is the culprit. Call the installer and get them to return and do the job properly.  

When you sign on with Ameristar Windows, you’ll not only get the best products from the best manufacturers, but also get professional installation services from our highly qualified staff. The mistakes listed above are the sorts of errors that are made by inexperienced contractors. You’ll have our guarantee of competent installation when you buy Yucaipa, CA replacement windows. And if you should have any questions at all after the installation, you can reach us at (888) 698-4143 for immediate assistance. Are you in the process of looking for windows for your home? Come by our showroom at 3453 Chicago Ave Riverside, CA 92507 to look at the products we sell, to talk to our staff and to get recommendations on the best way forward. We’ll work with you to ensure that you get the windows you want for your home.

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