How messy are window replacements

Making your home more habitable and / or comfortable, has little to do with just making it “pretty” and it does not have to be extremely expensive or messy. Hiring a team to do replacement windows Moreno Valley, CA is the best way to keep your home as clean as possible, all done in the most professional way. We are talking about a messy job here, so you would not want someone who lacks expertise to do it for you. An installation team, like the ones we count on at Ameristar Windows, would likely make sure to keep the mess at a minimum by taking measures.

Set yourself for success with the right expectations.


No surprise in the fact that dust accumulates quite easily when a house is undergoing any kind of repair. If you or anyone who lives at the property suffers from dust allergies, they would be better off staying away for the time that the repair is taking place.


This one is also a common result of the process. And it is good to point out that outside areas would also be affected by this.

Prepare for the mess

This includes: freeing up outlets, removing security sensors, creating space inside (and inside if you have a yard).

Make sure you hire someone who is trustworthy and who knows what they are doing. Here are some measures that installation teams usually take.

First things first, it is time to accept that at least some is going to be made in order to replace your old windows. Even if the installers you hire are extra careful, some dirt will accumulate in the process. The key is having everything ready and clean for when they arrive. Leave pathways as clean from furniture as possible; if you have kids, make sure no toys have been left behind.

Interior drop cloths

These are used sometimes to reduce the mess.

Plastic wrap coverings

These are usually employed to cover floors, couches, beds, and other pieces of furniture that you may want to protect from the dust. When and if plastic coverings are used, the replacement team will dispose of it when the job is finished.

Consider storage

If you have valuable items, being monetarily or of sentimental value, plan for their storage in advance. Your peace of mind is worth the effort or the extra pennies.


So there you go, maybe you had thought about other important aspects concerning home renovation, window replacement Moreno Valley, CA in specific; and maybe you had not yet considered the preparation that your home must undergo in order to get ready for your new windows. There is something very sacred about every person’s home, some may consider it their comfort zone, even their temple, or maybe just a zone to be at peace from everything that goes on in the world. Obviously having it disturbed in any way, could be a huge factor to take into account. Do your part so that the experts can do theirs.

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