Choosing a Window Style Replacement Windows in Moreno Valley CA

Popular Styles and Trends for Home Windows

When it comes to choosing replacement windows in Moreno Valley, CA, you want to style that will reflect aesthetics you love while at the same time promoting things like energy efficiency. There are many different styles available on the market, so we have gathered information in this article to help give you a better idea and choose one that will be right for your home.


The first option available on this list is one of the most common choices individuals install in their homes. This window consists of two sections that will slide up and down on tracks in a vertical position. They are more frequently found in homes with a classic look, but they have also been placed in more modern-style homes. They come in a large selection and are more reasonably priced than other options.


Casement windows are a style that will crank open from the interior to the exterior. They are traditionally mounted on hinges and will pivot open. They offer a modern aesthetic and work well for creating more of a breeze throughout the home.


Awning windows are similar to a casement, except they open from the bottom when cranked while the top edge will be fixed in place. These are more commonly found where lower-level windows are needed because they can reduce the risk of break-in due to their design.


Fixed windows do not move, and they are designed to stay in one spot, with the main focal point being on providing a greater view of the landscape. They also contribute to greater lighting in the room and are permanently sealed in place, which means you will have more energy efficiency and lower utility costs.


Slider windows are designed with two windows with horizontal tracks, and, in some cases, both windows can move or just one, depending on your needs. These are found more commonly in mid-century home styles, and they’re one of the easier options when it comes to a choice that will open and close more regularly.

Bow or Bay

Bow and Bay windows are windows designed together to create a section that extends out from the exterior of the home’s outside wall. They are formed to have a fixed picture window in the center that will be surrounded by casement or double-hung windows. They work well to create a stunning centerpiece in large rooms, and they can also offer shelf space to hold trinkets or plants.

Experience and Quality you Can Trust

When it’s time to choose replacement windows in Moreno Valley, CA, understanding the different options available on the market can give you peace of mind knowing you’re picking one that’s right for your home. If you’re looking for exceptional services, we are a locally trusted company specializing in sliding doors and windows that will enhance the aesthetics of your home; we are your trusted professionals. We understand the logistics it takes to do a job right the first time, so contact us today if you have any questions or an appointment.

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