5 Ways to Maintain Your Windows in Winter

Winter means shorter days, colder temperatures, and the occasional freezing nights. With such cold weather on the horizon, it is important to make sure your windows provide the best energy efficiency, natural light, and comfort through the entire cold season. To avoid repeat replacement windows in Moreno Valley, CA is essential to clean and maintain your windows all year long, including in the winter. Here are some tips for proper window care and maintenance during the colder months of the year.

1. Visually Inspect All Windows

The first step in care and maintenance should be routine window inspections. This involves checking all of the windows for proper operation, even during winter. You should try opening and closing them to ensure operation. Also check for broken glass, broken seals, worn-out caulk, or ineffective weather stripping. Even if you only find small issues, these problems will progressively get worse with the colder weather. If you aren’t sure what to look for, call a window professional to come out and provide an inspection.

2. Remove Dirt and Debris

It is still important to clean the windows. Yes, even in winter. Just because it is cold outside, that doesn’t mean dirt and debris suddenly disappear. It isn’t something to look forward to, but cleaning the glass and frames will keep the windows looking new and will prolong the life of the products. But be cautious! In winter, it is important to wash windows with colder water. Putting hot water on cold glass could damage the windows.

3. Clear the Tracks

It is also important to clean out the tracks or any working parts on your windows. This will improve operation and prolong the life of the mechanical systems. But it will also help improve the seals around the windows when they are closed so they insulate better against the cold.

4. Replace Caulk and Weather Stripping


If there are gaps with the caulk or weather stripping, it is important to make those repairs quickly. Any gap could mean air and moisture leaks. Drafts will make the home uncomfortable. And moisture leaks can cause any number of serious issues with icing, mold, and structural damage. Fortunately, a quick trip to any home repair store will provide homeowners with the supplies they need to seal off their windows and doors.

5. Insulating Window Coverings

Another thing to consider in winter is more insulating window coverings. Everyone wants a warmer home in winter, and these special window coverings can help. Thicker drapes or honeycomb window shades help protect the home against unwanted heat losses in winter. The area around the windows might be chill, but the cold is less likely to leak into the home and impact the comfort of any of the occupants.

Without proper care and maintenance through the winter, you are more likely to need replacement windows in Moreno Valley, CA. But proper care will prolong the life of your windows so you can get the most longevity and optimal performance from these important features in your home.

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