4 Replacement Windows for Indoor Outdoor Living

Modern homes often integrate architecture with the surrounding environment. This is another way to say blurring the lines between outdoor and indoor living. Hallmarks of this design include fresh air, natural light, and expansive views. This gives the impact of limitless space and surrounding oneself with the natural beauty of the outdoors. How do you Foster this connection between outdoor and indoor living? Here are a few options to consider with replacement windows in Grand Terrace, CA.

1. Picture Windows

When trying to merge the inside and outside, bigger windows are almost always the best option. Picture windows are large, non-operational windows. They’re called picture windows because they provide an unobstructed view of the outdoors. And just like a landscape painting, these windows are the perfect frame for any view in any room. With the right insulation technologies, homeowners can get all of the natural light and expansive views while still maintaining high levels of insulation and efficiency in the home.

2. Bay or Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows are another option if you are looking for larger installations that feature multiple panes. Bay windows have three sides and protrude from the exterior wall at a sharp 30 or 45 degree angle. These windows expand the space and let in plenty of light and expansive views. Bow windows are very similar, but these feature more panes that are set in a curvilinear arrangement. Both of these options for replacement windows can get you a range of natural light all throughout the day. They can also provide natural ventilation and connect the inside with the outdoors. And because they project outside, they also add a little square footage to the room.

3. Skylights

When shopping for new windows to merge the indoors and the outdoors, homeowners don’t often consider skylights to be a viable option. Have you ever thought of looking up for a better view? Skylights were first implemented to allow natural light into the home and reduce the need for artificial light lighting. Now, skylights are a sustainable and energy efficient way to foster a brighter and healthier living space. They are also an optimal way to bring in views of the outdoors–the clouds, sun, stars, moon, etc. Skylights come in two types. One is fixed and the other is operational. Fix skylights are often out of reach and only provide daylight. Venting skylights are easier to access and provide both sunlight and ventilation.


4. Sliding Patio Doors

One more option to consider, when looking to open your home to the outdoors, is sliding doors. Sliding doors are very similar to sliding windows. These options are oversized and allow all the functionality of both a window and a door. They come with an abundance of natural light and natural ventilation. There’s also some versatility in the options. Homeowners can install sliding doors with just two sashes. Or homeowners can get sliding doors with four sashes, where the middle two slide outward. Oversized glass doors are also becoming increasingly popular as homes adopt a more open and airy style.

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