You Want Your Home to Be as Safe as Possible, so here is More Information on Sliding Door Safety

Replacement windows in Grand Terrace, CA, are one option that can help enhance Your home, and if you have a sliding glass door, you might be wondering how safe it is. There are several ways to improve this feature for your home, and some simple steps listed in this article can help you know that you have a few options to keep it more protected and safer.

Our Sliding Doors Safe?

Sliding doors create a connection between the interior and exterior, and they help allow extra natural lighting to come in and can make the space look larger overall. When it comes to safety, unfortunately, the sliding glass door is not going to be as secure as a traditional metal, fiberglass, or wood door. However, there are a few ways to enhance this, and we have them listed below.

Ways to Enhance Them


One of the first things you can do to make the sliding glass door more secure is install a window and door sensor. These can be attached directly to the door frame, and they will monitor when there are any opening and closing movements. In addition, if an intruder forces the door open, the alarm will sound and call for help depending on the system you have installed. You can even get systems with glass break sensors that send an alert to yourself and a monitoring center.

Window Films

Another factor that make sliding glass doors more vulnerable is the material. The glass is easy to smash, so another way to enhance this is to add a window film to the door. These films can help prevent the door from shattering and can prevent and slow down intruders from getting in to give you enough time to get help on the way.

Place a Rod in the Tracks 

Another easy security addition is putting a rod in the door’s tracks. You want it to measure the same length so that if someone does manage to get the lock undone, they won’t be able to push the door open because the rod will be blocking accessibility.

Invest in a Dead Bolt

Deadbolt locks are another great option because the traditional sliding door locks aren’t as secure as other options. Finding a door with a lock that is not accessible from the outside can also enhance the overall security.


Get a Security Camera 

The last recommendation is to invest in a security camera. In some cases, they can be an inexpensive option to install but can help make this area of your home a less vulnerable space.

Trust Our Experts for High-Quality Installations

Increasing the security of your sliding glass door can be a beneficial practice to enhance your home’s overall value. If you’re looking for a new door or replacement windows in Grand Terrace, CA, we are here to help. We are a locally owned company whoever a deep commitment to offering energy-efficient options and professional installations that our clients count on, so contact us today.

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