Taking Care of Replacement Windows

New windows are a big investment. And homeowners want to do all they can to keep their replacement windows in Rancho Cucamonga, CA in top shape. Here is a list of maintenance tips and tricks for homeowners who want their new windows to last.

Regular Window Inspections

Routine inspections should be part of a window maintenance plan. These inspections will help homeowners spot the small problems before they can grow into larger issues. And windows can tell homeowners a lot just as long as they know what to watch out for. Problems can be small like water damage, difficult operation, or condensation trapped between the panes. Or problems can be as obvious as broken glass, warped frames, rust damage, or material deterioration. Hopefully, with proper maintenance, these issues are a long way off.

Cleaning the Window Frame

There is no need for fancy chemicals or abrasive materials to keep the window frames clean. In fact, using these types of products will do more harm than good. All homeowners need is mild detergent and water to remove dirt and buildup. Then simply rinse with clear water and dry immediately so water cannot seep into the window assembly.

Maintaining the Window Glazing and Coatings

Windows are exposed to the environment 24/7. And grime and buildup can obstruct the view, peel up the coatings, and make windows look unattractive. But homeowners should not use power washers, or it could crack the glass or loosen the pane from the frame. Again, water and mild detergent or a generic glass cleaner are all homeowners need to keep the glass and coatings looking great.

Washing the Screens

Screens are another important part of window maintenance. They are a bit more fragile, and homeowners should remove them and place them on a flat surface for cleaning. Or they can prop them up in the shower. Then they can wash the screens with mild soap, warm water, and a soft-bristle brush. They just need to be sure to rinse the screens completely clear before allowing them dry and placing them back in the frame.

Cleaning the Tracks and Hinges

Smooth operation is another key feature of replacement windows. And to keep a window operating at peak performance, it is important to keep the tracks and hinges clean and well-lubricated. This usually means cleaning away loose debris with a vacuum and then applying a silicone lubricant onto the moving parts with a lint-free cloth.

Replacing the Caulk and Weather-stripping

Noticing gaps around the window? Caulk and weather-stripping can wear out and break down with time. If homeowners start to notice gaps they can remove the faulty seals and replace them with products found at the hardware store. The repair is relatively easy and straightforward, but can really go a long way toward increasing the longevity of replacement windows.

These are just a few things you can do to keep replacement windows in Rancho Cucamonga, CA looking new for years to come. For more maintenance tips and tricks contact our window professionals today.

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