Single Hung Windows Versus Double Hung Windows

How do you choose between single hung windows and double hung windows? On the one hand, single hung windows have two window panels. While one of the panels can open and close, the other one is stationary. On the other hand, double hung windows have two window panels, and both of them can open and close. But which should you get if you need replacement windows for your Grand Terrace, CA home?

What follows is a look at how they stack up head-to-head. You might just find that both types will work in your home.


Cost is surely a top concern when homeowners start comparing window options. Single hung windows are more cost-effective than double hung windows are. So if you’re on an especially tight budget, then you might want to look more closely at single hung windows. But while you will need to pay more for double hung windows, you’ll get a lot back in return such as greater airflow and circulation. This is due to the ability to open both window panels.


You can basically get the same colors and styles for both single hung windows and double hung windows. So there isn’t really anything on the style front that really separates these two types of windows. These windows types are very popular among homeowners, so you can’t go wrong by choosing either. And it should also be stressed that you can go with both. Some rooms might be fine with single hung windows while other rooms might be better off with double hung windows. You can discuss these issues with staff at a replacement window store.


Both single hung windows and double hung windows can be opened to allow airflow in your residence. Nevertheless, the double hung variety will give you better ventilation because you’ll be able to open the bottom and the top sashes. Single hung windows provide good airflow, but they definitely don’t provide as much as double hung windows.


Double hung windows offer you much more functionality than do single hung windows. Both sashes open and tilt so that you can regulate how much airflow you get inside of your residence. With single hung windows, however, just the bottom sash opens and tilts. So you’ll be able to get airflow, but you won’t get nearly as much as you will with double hung windows. You can ask someone at a replacement window shop for help in determining where to install single hung windows and where to install double hung windows.

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