Replacement Window Installers Take Extra Precautions During COVID 19 Crisis

How are your windows? If you plan to change some of your windows in the coming months, you’ll likely want professional installers at the Corona, CA replacement window company to put them in for you. After all, expert installation is key if you want to enjoy all the benefits associated with replacing windows, such as lower energy bills and more interior comfort.

But what about the COVID-19 crisis? You might be a bit skittish about allowing strangers into your home to install your new replacement windows. The good news, however, is that professional installers will take appropriate steps to ensure the safety of you and your family.

Avoid Unnecessary Physical Contact

It’s normal to want to greet people with a handshake, but the coronavirus crisis has made this inadvisable. But while the installers will safeguard your health and theirs by avoiding physical contact such as handshakes, you can count on them to be otherwise cordial and helpful.

Social Distancing

The installers will practice social distancing when in your residence. When they arrive, they will greet you and introduce themselves. They will then get on with the business of removing your old windows and installing your new windows. All the while, they will ensure there is adequate distance between themselves and between themselves and your household. You can help in this regard by giving the installers the space they need to do their jobs safely.

Hand Sanitizer

You can also count on the installers to wear work gloves or to use hand sanitizer as required. This means you won’t have to be as concerned as you might have otherwise been about them making contact with surfaces in your home. Another thing to consider is that the installers will be careful about making contact with areas of your home outside of where they’re installing the windows.

Remove Old Windows

You won’t have to handle the old windows after they’ve been removed by the workers. The installers will remove them from your home and ensure that they’re safely disposed of. You can count on them leaving your home as tidy as it was when they arrived.

As you can see, the installers who come to install your windows will do so in a professional manner. While the lockdown is loosening bit by bit in some places, now’s not the time for anyone to let down their guard. So when you contact Ameristar Windows, you can bet that you’ll get the windows you want and professional installation. Our employees have been meticulously trained in all recommended precautions and are employing comprehensive safeguards to ensure a completely safe environment for both our customers and staff. We also manufacture, install, and stand behind all the products we sell. We’ll also offer you factory direct pricing and a lifetime warranty that will give you not only great value but also peace of mind. When you need our assistance, give us a call, visit our showroom, or check out our website at We’re here to help you with your Corona, CA replacement window needs.

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