Question from Chino, CA Homeowners: Why is it Hard to Open My Windows

Do you get frustrated every time you want to open the window because it is hard to glide the window on the frame? Old windows can be stubborn and difficult to move. As a result, some homeowners keep the windows closed all the time, and they are missing out on the beautiful weather here in Chino, CA.

If you are a homeowner with sticky windows, there are a few things that you need to know:

Old Windows Can be Hard to Move

The old equipment takes a toll over time. Regular wear and tear can have an impact on the function of the windows. Sometimes, the frames will get stuck on the track. Rust can corrode the window frames. Or, the extreme heat outside can cause certain materials to warp. These problems will make it hard to slide the windows open and closed.

Another common issue is that dirt and debris have built up in the window track. The solution could be as easy as a deep cleaning to get rid of the muck. But, if the window is still having a problem after it is cleaned, then you might consider the advantage of calling a window professional for help.

On the other hand, some windows have the opposite problem. As they age, the window becomes too loose in the frame. So, you can open the window, but it won’t stay open unless it is propped up by something. This situation can be dangerous because the window could come crashing down on pets or children below.

Safety of Your Home

Not only do old, stuck windows cause frustration, but they could be a potential hazard to your family. If there is a fire or an emergency, you might be trapped if you can’t get the window open. It is important that you can open and close the windows as needed. You never know when you will need a quick exit from the building.

Old windows also pose a threat because of potential break-ins. If burglars see that old equipment is in place, then it increases the likelihood that they will target your home. This old equipment provides an easy entry if someone wants to come inside.

Upgrade the Quality of Your Windows

Sometimes, a little bit of maintenance can improve the function of your windows. But, often the recommendation is to replace the windows. New windows glide open and closed without a problem. You will love how easy it is to open the windows after we are done with the installation.

Plus, these products are designed with the latest security features to keep your family protected. There is no doubt that new window installation Chino, CA is a great investment for your home.

If your windows are stuck, then we invite you to call for more information about window replacement. Ameristar Windows is here to help homeowners in Chino, CA and the neighboring cities. Visit us at 3453 Chicago Ave, Riverside, CA 92507. Or call (888) 698-4143

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