How Can You Test Your Windows for Air Leaks

While California doesn’t face the sort of wild swings in temperature that lead to freezing cold, icy wind and ice, this doesn’t mean that problems such as air leaks around windows can’t happen. If you have air leaks, you’ll be throwing away money since your HVAC unit will need to compensate by working harder to cool the place. So you may want to conduct an air leak test if you suspect that there’s a problem along those lines. And if the air leak test shows that there is an issue that must be addressed, replacement windows in Chino Hills, CA are your answer.  

Take a Close Look 

Prior to testing your windows for air leaks, you should conduct an investigation. Look out for things like damaged weather stripping, cracks, missing caulking or anything else that might be the cause of your issues. Also be sure to note if there are certain rooms in your home that are cooler or hotter than other rooms are. If you’re thorough, you might find that the problem is easy to fix on your own, which will save you from having to consult with a professional. But if this investigation turns up nothing out of the ordinary, you will then want to do the air leak test.  

Smoke Test 

For the smoke test, what you’ll need is a lighter or a candle. First, go to a window in your home that you believe may have an air leak of some kind. Second, close the room door and ensure that the fans, air conditioner and any equipment that moves air is switched off. Third, activate the lighter or light the candle and slowly move it around the window frame while ensuring as best as possible that the flame stays vertical. If you see the flame or some smoke moving horizontally toward the exterior of your residence, you have an air leak problem. Follow these steps for other rooms in your home to see if there are other air leaks that need to be remedied.  

If you have one or more windows with air leak problems, give us a call at Ameristar Windows, which is located at 3453 Chicago Ave Riverside, CA 92507. We can visit your home and recommend a course of action. If we believe the problem can be adequately repaired, we won’t push you to replace windows. But if we know that a repair won’t work or won’t last over the long term, we’ll recommend the best Chino Hills, CA replacement windows to pursue for your home. You can visit our showroom to see for yourself the sort of products we have in stock. You can also speak to one of our sales representatives and ask whatever questions you may have. We have top brands from reputable manufacturers and at attractive price points. When you’re ready to get the replacement windows you need for your residence, call us at (888) 698-4143 to get the process started. Your complete satisfaction is our goal, and we’ll leave no stone unturned to achieve this objective.

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