How are replacement different from retrofit windows

For everything in life there are pros and cons for any decision you make. Replacement windows Moreno Valley, CA and retrofit and replacement windows are no exception to this. At Ameristar Windows we have decided to share our wisdom and show you what we know about the advantages and disadvantages for both of them.

Retrofit Windows

Retrofitting involves replacing that glass portion of the window. This means that the window frame would stay in. Retrofitting replacement windows is a great option to consider. It is handy for cases in which you decide that you are happy with the size and placement of the current ones. This is definitely an option to keep in mind if you want to give your home a refresh or are looking to improve the way you live day to day. It can be very hard and stressful, particularly these days that you have so many options to choose from, to figure which installation type would be best for your house. The process is commonly known as retrofitting because you are taking a new window and placing it into an older frame.

Retrofit windows is the cheapest option of the two and it is often recommended to homeowners who prefer to maintain the current structure of the house without making any big modifications.

Aluminum frames are a low cost retrofit window alternative. These types of frames offer good noise abatement properties and a durable maintenance-free window frame. Older grades of aluminum were problematic insulators as moisture would build up on the aluminum frame interior as the frame conducted the cold from the outside. The new construction type replaces everything from the frame to everything else..

Wood frames, for example, are specially prone to rotting. Rot, in turn, is caused by excess of moisture. A rotting is considered irreparable and that is why the way to proceed is by taking out the old and installing the completely new set of new windows.

When selecting retrofit, consider these three things:

  1. Convenience; If you opt for replacement windows, you can be sure that you would add comfort, character, and functionality to your home.
  2. Leakage protection; by using awning windows you can protect your home from leaking windows.
  3. Frame support; you need to make sure that the frame that is going to hold the new retrofit window is strong enough to support itself. If that is not that case, have in mind that poor frame support makes chances of leakage a lot higher.

Windows that are classified as new construction are replacement windows Moreno Valley, CA that licensed contractors can install for you. What sets these two apart is how much work goes into them. One of the most common reasons people opt for retrofitting is due to a problem with their existing frame. Clients may find replacement retrofit windows in a variety of styles including fixed frames and picture windows, double hung windows, sliding windows, casement windows, awning and hopper windows, bay and bow windows and more. Some of the most popular retrofit replacement windows include operable windows which are both functional and attractive

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