Are replacement windows permitted development

With so many restrictions around home development, it is within the normal having to wonder if it is in fact allowed to perform window replacement without a permit of any kind. The truth is that in some instances you do. If the changes you plan to submit your windows to, are similar in style and size, to the ones used at the time of building the place, then you are fine. No need to get permission. Now, if what you want is to add new windows, as well as if you are choosing to use glazing, a building regulation is most likely going to be a requirement, (this, as per the California Building Code (CBC)). Ameristar Windows does not want you to stress about the process of replacement windows in Grand Terrace, CA. Our experts have been dealing with the logistic part of this process for a long time, enough to gain the experience in everything home improvement related to windows and sliding doors.

Home improvement examples that fall under permitted development are: windows and doors; single storey extensions, roof-lights and lantern roofs; conservatories and orangeries.

Specific cases that experience tells us will need a planning permission: If you want to install upper floor windows into an opening frame that is within 1.7m above the floor; if you are installing new bay windows; if you live in a listed building or in an area under Article 4 Direction.

Before inserting a new window, the existing sashes and jamb liners should be removed. This way new room is made for the new one.

Building codes exist for a reason, and it is mainly to keep people safe. Authorities enforce them to ensure the safety of as many citizens as possible. For example, windows that are near the floor or in showers, should have safety glazing. This is to keep people protected in case a natural disaster were to happen.


Without a permit, if you need one depending on the type of window your are getting, there is no way to guarantee that the new windows are code compliant. Which, also would mean that they pose a threat for the people who inhabit it. In this case, complying with the law equals peace of mind. Plus, if you ever decide to sell your home, it could raise some problems that most definitely you would not need.


If you hire experienced contractors, you would be saving yourself from a lot of stress that comes along with repairing your home while still perfectly abiding by the law. Replacing windows Grand Terrace, CA is not usually something that requires legal permits but there are definitely some exceptions. Glazing windows is just an example. Ameristar Windows has been around for long enough as to count on the expertise to avoid mistakes, guaranteeing a smooth, stress-free process. Count on us to make of your home that place you once dreamed about. That being, a temple, a palace, or the regular California house you once saw in a movie.

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